Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Prescott Valley, AZ and New Years Eve

Spent a great day at the Grand of MY FAVORITE places. Stayed in the park, saw the sunrise, had breakfast and went back to the park for MORE photos. Leisurely drive back to Prescott, looking for wild lfe (elk and those pigalinas they have there), knitting peacefully away on an afghan for my daughter. (Sort of an cafe au lait color (not my favorite) alpaca wool. Alpaca is French for "sheds a lot".)

At 10:30 my head started to hurt ( like final labor pains); took all of my rescue drugs and by noon I was in the middle of one very bad headache. I have a doctor here in town (New year's Eve..go figure how that was going to work). Instead of going to to nearest ER, which had a 14 our wait ( and I had a juice card from a DOCTOR), I went to Prescott Valley.

I waited 6 hours with a solid 10 headache, but even though I wanted to go have some serious teacher talks to the racing-in-the-hallway children. I did not.

And even though my head was exploding, the security guard brought me regular hot towels and put me in a quiet room with all the old cranky old ladies, it wasn't too bad. The triage nurses were darling and kept checking my BP and once it got up to 200/150, they took me right in. I couldn't have asked for better care.

It is the 2nd now and besides just being tired, I am fine. Finished all the knitting I brought, so I found a used paperback "Eventually Everyone Will Die"...sort of cheery thirller, don't cha think?


Paulie said...

What no photos? Just kidding. I can wait. . . not long but trying really hard! Ü

I see you made your header very thin and have lots of photos on the sidebar. I wonder how you do that? Got a tutorial?

Sorry for your emergency room problems. . . more prayers coming!

Karen said...

I really think you should have yelled at the racing darlings. Maybe your headache wouldn't have gone away, but you could have released some negative energy! And, how perfect is the title of that book?! My best thoughts are with you, and I just know your surgery is going to go just fine. Karen

Anonymous said...

So glad that you got your trip and to see some special sites. I am sorry you had your headache and had to go to the ER. Good care helps a bit.

Waiting to hear good news about your improved health and outlook!


keri said...

iam glad you guys had a good time other then your headache.