Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Shopped on Tuesday at 6 am. We were in and out in under an hour. Lisi got everythign together last night, brined the turkey in kosher salf and brown sugar in a deep sink filled with ice water. She is steaming the gizzards and livers, onions, carrots, bok choy and stripped celery t be minced and put into the stuffing (bigg stuffing family here). All the baking is done and except for popping in the cresant rolls, it is all done.

We are seting the table, doing a quick hoovering of the up and downstairs, dump bleach in all the toilets and lock the animals outside.

That is pretty much all of it.

This is our favorite hokiday....totally food centered. No gifts to disappoint.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Shout out to Fresno

I live in a really little town. I would bet within a WEEK, I drive MAYBE 10 miles. TEN. So when I have to drive to Fresno (about 30 miles away), it is a BIG DEAL. They have traffic, traffic lights, multiple highways and exits. (I grew up in Minisculeville with TWO highway exits and when I moved here,,,,to Eensytown with four exits, I thought I had really moved to the city.)

So I don't like driving and I don't like driving in TOWN (which is what Fresno is). I usually cut Fresno off my places to go in October, since I have no desire to fight the holiday traffic.

So this week, I will be in Fresno FOUR times. I bet in the last year I haven't been to Fresno that many times. And since I hate malls even more than I hate shopping, I am driving right straight to my appointment and zipping right back home, where I belong.

When I retire, I am looking for a little town in a little country where there aren;t very many people and no cars.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Save me from myself

I cannot add or subtract. I have no idea why people in my home insist that this is a skill I can learn, much less than possess. I cannot do it. So my husband comes home and tells me that I'm about a THOUSAND DOLLARS overdrawn. Really, Hmmm. Let me check my checkbook. Nope. I have $1500 in there. So he checks. I've managed to transpose $1000 worth of checks and oopsie, he has used $500 worth of my account accidently for Paypal. (I've done it, big deal...I just need to be informed.)

So it's NOT my fault. I'm dyslexic.

Of course, that is like telling the officer that the accident isn't my fault because I'm drunk.

But it's the only REASON I have. Not an excuse....because it is the truth.

And I'm sticking to it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I had no idea

I had no CLUE how dirty the house was.
It doesn't take much getting off track for the whole thing to fizzle into chaos. I injured my shoulder/had surgery/went to physical therapy 5x week for 3 hours a day...which will just wear a person OUT).
So I cleaned the kitchen...about 10 times. It is still not super clean enough for me but it certainly looking better. (I still have the cupboards to clear out.)
The bathrooms have been scrubbed and bleached.
I have vacuumed probably a TON of dirt...I have one of those water filter vacs, so I can see the dirt, dog hair and junk when I dump it out. I can truthfully say that I have vacuumed up enough dog hair to make an extra dog or two.

And in the meanwhile, I am STILL working on the yellow afgan. I am getting down to the finish about the last inch and the cast off. Hoping to get it washed and taken to the beach house tomorrow. And if I ever think about knitting something yellow again? Please stop me.

I have a pretty varigated soft Italian that I am working up into a baby blanket, along with a cuff to cuff baby sweater to save for any new grandbabies that happen to pop up. I just need a break before I start off on my husband's cardigan.