Monday, February 26, 2007

Spring is on the way

My daffodils and jonquils are up already, along with all of those little spring weeds. My plan this week was to spend the days pulling weeds...something that is easy, mindless and certainly useful. Too bad the weather isn't going to co-operate. We are slated for rain, rain and more rain. Maybe I'll be able to catch some of the sunny moments between downpours and get the front gardens weeded. I have about a 400 x 3 foot bed to tend to in the front. Once weeded, I can toss out poppies, alysium and mint to fill up the beds. I have the vegetable garden to tear apart and the hill to weed before it gets too hot, as well as getting the shade garden cleaned up. Truely, there is only about 40 hours of work to do and I have about 2,000 bulbs in the ground, so once it's all cleaned up, it will really look pretty.

I have my climbing roses to thread through the trellis and I'm going to take cutting from my honeysuckle and see if I can get them started on the same trellis. I love the way honeysuckle looks, all mounded up on a trellis. I have to get the potato vine trimmed back, too. Once it warms up a little and dries out, I have to drain the koi pond. I usually use the water for the lawn and the goop at the bottom for the trees. We had a hard freeze this year, so I'm hoping that my hyacinths will come back. I collected them from the river, so they are aclimated to the weather here. I'm also going to wrap the filter in chicken wire, stuff it with moss and plant mint in it, with a teeny hose with pinholes in it to keep it moist. After I get the pond clean, I'm putting 50 pounds of salt in the filter and run the water thru it to clear up the water. (Of course, the fish go in tubs in the shade.)

I'm working on a pretty pink boucle afgan for my mom. It was supposed to be done for Christmas but the cable broke and I just could not face picking up all those stiches, so I ripped out the whole 48 inches and started all over again. The yarn is so soft and pretty that even in just a garter stitch, it looks like lace.

After this, I have a light blue baby sweater for a new grandbaby, due in May. I think I'll do a blanket to match, but I'll make the sweater in a 12 month size, since he is due so near to summer and I really would like to see him wear it.

The next project is the long awaited cashmere cardi for my husband. I bought the elk antler buttons last fall at Britex, so I need to get in gear.

I am still off work-that vertigo is almost impossible to figure out. I go in tomorrow for an MRI and if they can't figure out what the heck is wrong with me, I'm going to push for getting released and going back to work. I can be dizzy and get a paycheck just as easily as I can sit at home and be dizzy and broke. I'm sick of being cooped up at home and it is NO FUN.