Thursday, January 03, 2008

On the Road Again

Leaving o dark right now for home, with hopes that I am far enough up on the list to go in for a couple of days; clear out my desk and go fight the good fight. Well, actually, I plan to sleep thru this battle and leave it up to some gladiators, lol.

I did learn that two ball of yarn is NEVER enough to take on any vacation and said yarn in said color will never be available.

I have had time to notice a lot of litttle...quirks? tics?.. that are going on in my head, that have evidently been going on for some time. My aphsia is getting worse, but don;t worry about it...I eventually WILL come up with the word, Days later out of the blue and I'm the only one who is tickled I remembered what it was. My dyslexia is worse, so spell check is pretty entertaining. I have almost stopped driving because the concept of left. right andf stop have become completely foreign to me. I am useless as the map reader because I get caught up in the names and the driver actually WANTS. TO. KNOW, where we are.

So off across the desert we go today; hopefully all the way home. I miss my children SO MUCH. I need to remember to pack my favoritite photo of my mom and her sister...I always take phtos of the kids and my dad,, but never my mother. This time I need to remember her.

I am still planning on opeing my eyes and pretending that I think my husband is Johnny Cash though. Not the Joaquin Phoenix Johnny Cash...the dragged behnd a wagon for a hundred miles Johnny Cash.


Not so sure he will.

Oh, well. He'll get over it.

It is almost five (IN THE MORNING), so the last few things get dragged out into the car and off we go.

If you ever need to make reservations at a Best Western, call the Prescotonian in Presscot, AZ and ask for Emmy. Tell her I sent her. She can set you up right AND the breakfast buffets are really good. ( I still had to pay for my room, but she is just a doll.)

Now to find my shoes.


Paulie said...

Love your sense of humor in the midst of crisis. Praying for you here in Vancouver!

keri said...

after recovery you and dad need to come for a vist and spend some time with your grandkids.