Friday, January 04, 2008


I guess this whole thing has actually started. I got a call yesterday right after I got home fromUC/SF. I am still on the wait list but a DIFFERENT wait list....sort of like being moved from the "need to clean under the bed" to "must do laundry" list, I guess.

Records being sent today (Friday) and I may be able to get in as early as Wednesday.
Have already told Darling that he can drive me (or I will take my own self), and he can be in the room for the whole symptom discussion, plus he can smoke like a chimney and pace the grounds like a caged bear but if i send him out of the room during a test it is because is A) doesn;t hurt me and will freak him out or B) DOES hurt me and will freak him out.

Most of the things they do don;t hurt and I know to ask for extra hot blankets and to have the mirrors adjusted so I can see my own self. (I don;t see well enough to have the mirrors adjusted so I can see the nurses in the hallway, so I like looking at my own scared blue eyes.)

The gallon or so of blood-pffft. Nothing. The only problem I have is when they blow thru a vein and it looks like we had an ax battle in there. Doesn't hurt, just looks bad. (I have one good vein).

I have three dozen things things to do tomorrow before noon and then I am taking a nap. It is supposed to rain like crazy for the next four days and I am driven more car driving, please!

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Paulie said...

You have been busy. . . I have 3 posts to catch up on.