Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Here it it..the Wednesday riots

Level 1 went off and before the word got over to my yard to lock it up, MY yard went off like a rocket.

It was too cold to fight for very long, so it was all over in about 15 minutes. Violent minutes, but none of the guys in green got hurt and except for the sheer number of guys fighting, I don't think anyone got hurt on their side, either. No ambulances at least.

It is so crazy that this is normal for I have lived my quiet, uneventlful little life and then I toss myself into the belly of the beast and spend my days with literally, the worst of the worst.

Some of them aren't worth saving and prison is a great place for them-their mamas don;t have to worry about them being dead on the side of the road, they aren't making more babies and they have someone to tell them what to do every minute of the day.

Some of them, though, really work on their reading, their math and take the tests seriously...and their scores show consistent improvement. They actually have a plan for when they get out (EPRD..earliest possible release date).

others..well, others think that Felon Boy who has never held a job and can't read is a DANDY package for a young EMPLOYED woman who wants a family.

And when I ask them what it is that they are bringing to the table for this educated young EMPLOYED woman, they look at me like I have just jumped off the roof. They can sing, they can quote poetry, they can play basketball ....what else would a woman want?

Dude. A dude with a job.
Don't you guys ever watch Judge Judy?


e-prof said...

Hey Chloe -- thinking about you every day. I just started up the Corrections online class again this week. It runs 16 weeks and I'm counting on you being back up and around so you can join us again. I've got a great group of learners this time and it would be so great to have you back. Drop me a line when you can.

Lynn said...

Amen re: "a dude with a job". Or, at my age, one who is respectably and productively retired. But either way, one who understands the need to keep moving physically and mentally, and the need to serve others.