Friday, January 04, 2008

The ER is backed up

And it is Friday morning. And my own personal ER doc is not on duty. (Dr. Benydryl is, though. Hope he can stay busy). So I am drinking coffee, only because I can't keep my meds down and I am going in at 8 am for ONE BIG SHOT.

Good thing I didn't have any big plans for the day, besides picking up my check. That is at 7:30. Handy, huh?

And WHY does urgent care only start at 8am? In a town this size, wouldn't you think there would be enough minor emergencies to have a 24 hour UC?

I know an hour away there is one...of course, by the time I got there, my own clinic would be open, which would sort of cancel the whole process.

Well, at least they let me talk to the ER nurse and she can tell me what is going on.

I'm hitting a nice solid 9 right now and it is 5:26.


Novel said...

I reckon the thing in your brain that is causing the problem knows its end is near and is making a last ditch effort to make its presence felt. Roll on Wednesday, if that is the day you finally get this sorted out, (((((((((((((Chloe))))))))).

Hope the BIG SHOT helps you get rid of the pain so you can get all your errands done - especially collecting your money :o)

Breathe will be better soon, it will be better soon.

Novel said...

P.S. Don't leave him - not yet. He has been good to you and worked so hard on the house, etc. This is a stressful time for him too - you're *both* under pressure and - as you sensibly point out - this is not a good time to make such a decision, it can wait.

Paulie said...

It is 12 hours later now -- hoping the pain is easing and yu will make it through without too much more before the surgery. Lots of prayers coming.

PS Like the thin, narrow header.

Thanks again for NO verifying letters!

Pogo said...

Hmmmmmmm, why won't mine post? I'm trying Chloe. I hope you get to the bottom of the pain and are painfree soon. Love ya! Pogo

Karen said...

((((Chloe)))). Just keep writing and letting out your frustrations. We're all here for you, if not in body, definitely in spirit!! Karen