Saturday, January 12, 2008

It was so pretty, coming into Morro Bay yesterday

It was around 4 pm and the rock (that's it, at the top of my blog) was wrapped in fog. It was one of those beautiful things that simply doesn't translate into a photo...I tried and it looked just ordinary.

The fog was incandescent with a bright sun behind it, so it was whiter than white, thick and wispy at the same time.

The wind was blowing rather snapishly, so the whole coastline was just soft and bright and beautiful. No fog in town, about a quarter mile up from the beach. And today it is clear and bright and weather.

So I am curled up, knitting on the patio, thinking how lucky I am to be me.


keri said...

that is great . you have not writtin a happy blog in awhile

Novel said...

You ARE lucky to be you, and we are lucky to KNOW you!

Paulie said...

You made it sound so wonderful that if I had not been at Mt. Rainier playing in the snow, I would have loved to have been there with you! AND look what it did for you . . . no typos!