Friday, January 04, 2008

0406 in the morning

I backed up my blog, just in case. It is on a WORD doc and a thumb sitck, too. You can never be too careful.

Girlie rented a storage unit and I am going to unload some of this stuff...which I love but is totally cluttering up my life. Most of it will end up on ebay but right now in my life, it has got to get tidily stacked and labeled somewhere I do not live.

The housing market SUCKS and I have to stay here until the prices go up and I would rather pay for storage than to tend to these things. And I even have a guest house I have not stepped foot into in three years.
There is such a thing as too much.

Plus...and this could just be part of my head problem...I'm not all that sure I want to stay with my husband. I'm not sure I want to leave him but I am SO. NOT. HAPPY.

And my head hurts, which is why I am up...just figured THAT out. SO it could be me, or him or my head. BUt my head hurts so bad...a nice solid 8...that THAT is going on the back burner for a little while until I get my head fixed. Then maybe it won't matter.
Go to work, pick up check.
Empty out car from trip.
Give dogs their presents.
Go to Clinic. Sign papers for records to go to US/SF.
Get shot. Get something for the horrendous fever blisters I have developed in the last 5 hours. (Always after a bad, bad headache. Probably the worst part. Not only do I feel awful, I look awful, too. Like Melanie Griffith. Maybe she can ignore that trout pout but it is not a good look for me.)
Sleep all day.
Sleep most of tomorrow.
Get ready for work on Monday.
Or not.


Jess said...

Chloe, my little pouty dandelion head, Melanie Griffith can NOT pull off those fake ugly lips of hers--and she did it deliberately! Sorry you are having 8s and 9s. Hope you get a big ol' injection to help. As for leaving your DH, it's the pain talking. When things get back to normal for you, you can re-evaluate and see what's what.

Love ya from So Cal,

Paulie said...

Oh goodie!!!!!!! Now someone else I know has a storage unit too. lol If it will ever stop raining, I could go sort more school stuff and get it cleaned out.