Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy birthday to ME ME ME..just in case you forgot

We spent yesterday with my in-laws..two WONDERFUL people. FIL spent 2 years in Stalag 13 in WWII and I even went to CHURCH. My AI students are holding a special sweat lodge ceremony for me and I bought my CD'S, will burn burn them and know for a fact I will never need them.

I will be fine. When I remember, I will post my music. You can cry your eyes out with relief/ Well now not only can I not find the apostrophe key, I can/t find the period key either/

The VA will hold a special service for me on the day of my surgery...maybe as soon as next week. I have a brain doc here in Prescott and one in LV ( long humongous story....favors to friends) just so I could take this trip.

Girlie has been working on the home from; handling the phone calls from UCSF/Stanford and forwarding them to my doc there at home.

It has been so beautiful here...I love the Grand Canyon and will be up in a couple of hours to see the sunrise. We saw all kinds of elk, antelope, eensy little rabbits....when you are not tromping around, you get to really look at stuff. I saw a whole flock of the smallest quail..not California or Egyptian quail that I have but soft gray ones. Quali, still the same.

Met the Man from UNCLE..not Ducky..the other guy. Regular guy.. Very nice.

Found the BEST SOAP in the world. Glycerin soap poured into a loofah and the cut into maybe quarter inch slices. THE BEST.

I had the most wonderful visit with my friend in LV..we taught together for years and she teaches at a GED-Casino school. Evidently, you don;t need a GED to be a showgirl but you do need one to do any of the other work at the casino and the CASINO will pay for it. She is able to set her own schedule and just loves it. When I get enough hair, I'm going to the showgirl hairdresser and get some hair woven into my head---compliments of the showgirls. How lucky is THAT?

The only advice I have for you...any and all of to start on your memory jars now. Every day brings at least ONE thing you'd like to remember. Type it up on the computer (it's not like we're not ON it) and once a week or so, print it out and roll it up and drop it in a jar. In the 35 years I have been teaching, there are a million memories I have jammed in my 404 file....all my Rotney stories, my art projects, just silly things. The ones I have saved..funny, serious, mad, dead serious....well, after 35 years, most of the bd ones have been softened and were not so bad in hind sight but the funny ones are too hysterical.

Boy-o and Girlie are making one for me...and I almost shudder to think of what they will come up with! The bought BIG jar at Michael's, got the stick on letters that say Memories in a goofy font and acid etched the glass. Boyo said they used my 000 knitting needles to roll them up tight enough to really get a lot in. And here I thought they never heard a word I said.

I think I am getting my toes done tomorrow because I feel like it. I have to stop in at the head doc in Prescott and have her look at things. (Today has been good--I'm typing in none hysterical English). Looking forward to the Rose Parade. It is so beautiful in real life that I hope you all get a chance to go. Incredible. I think I have only missed one Rose Parade IN MY LIFE and that was when I was born, two days before. My Da loved parades.

I feel at peace and I have so much of that I owe toy ou all. Even if I never mention you by name, know that you are thought of often and loved, loved, loved.

So very loved.

By trying, we can easily learn to endure adversity-another man's, I mean.
Mark Twain


Paulie said...

Blessings for your New Year, Chloe. I am glad you got to make this trip. That is neat about the hair -- something to look forward to. I want a photo! Heck, I also want a photo of the sunrise and sunset in the Grand Canyon! Most of all, I want you to be well again. Glad you are still posting.


Novel said...

Will you please stop posting as if these might be your last posts?! I can not and will not believe that such a spirit can be quenched. You will be back here - using the apostrophe and period key accurately - sooner than you imagine and telling us hilarious stories about the nursing care and the op itself.
I'd like to see pics too and keep posting here. All power to Girlie and Boyo for doing their own memory jar - great idea. I am going to start one for my children too.
Love you lots. Stay strong and make sure you tell Girlie some of your friends' email addresses :o)

Anonymous said...

You go, girl! I know it's a hard time for you, but I love the positive choices you are making. So did you see the sunrise and sunset at the Grand Canyon? We need pictures.

Oh--and if you're "hairless" for a while, what about drawing designs on your scalp? Christmas bulb, Easter egg, who knows what you might think of.

Betty Ann

keri said...

happy birthday!!!