Monday, January 07, 2008

Up in the middle of the night and my decorating

I think it has been 8 days...or maybe four since my head hurt, so naturally, I am up in the middle of the morning, awakened by some porcupine living in my head. Why he just doesn't use one of the many holes IN my head to leave is beyond me. What woke me up (besides Spikey trying to leave via my left eye) was the sound of running water. Just another thing in my head I guess, since my dogs and I went to investigate. It is not raining. I didn't leave the shower, tub or faucet on. The Laundry Fairy isn't here, yet. Nothing is leaking.
So this new noise is in my head. Sort of sounds like a nature tape, so it is not too irritating. Could possibly be the whooosh of the wind thru my head, too.

On to important stuff.
HERE is the fabric I have for the guest bathroom curtains and maybe perhaps the skirt for the vanity. I totally fell in love with it for this part of the project. The bathroom is THE FIRST in our town...I have the original clawfoot tub. I'm not crazy about the tile Darling put in but since I am going to cover it up with an oriental rug, it makes so little difference, I won't mention it again.
This blush fabric will be part of the curtain...not sure exactly how/what/where but I really liked the way it with with the big flowers. (Remember, I'm doing all the soft sewing....upholstery, pillows, drapes, duvet covers....
I'm not sure what I am going to do with this might end up on the pleated ruffle on the vanity skirt or just the piping. Not sure. But I liked it.

This cherry will be shirred on behind...stay with me wooden doors that will hide the super duper Joan Jetson shower. I haven't gotten the woodwork design worked out for the doors yet but I want it to be open enough that the shower doesn;t end up being on display OR all steamy. This is sorta kinda what I am thinking of, painted such a dark green that it looks almost black and with the cherry fabric shirred behind it. Without the stupid plain top, of course.

Since we redid the woodwork (all faux grained and not by these hands), the walls have (oddly) hand prints and fingerprints all over them, so I am going to change the color of this bathroom to a soft green to go with one of the greens in the lobby. Nice touch, eh? (The lobby is sort of a dark green base, with dried bay leaf and Spanish moss greens rag rolled over it, with the eensiest bit of clear glaze rag rolled over the top layer so it will just barely catch the light. Sounds ugly but it is really pretty. It will actually be sort of one that green of the flipped over leaf in the flowered fabric green....not so obvious that it looks like Walmart but right enough that it looks like I gave some thought to it.

I think the vanity (remember, this is a guest room) will be skirted (so I can go with a cheapcheapcheap one from a yard sale or the shop yard) and I think I can go with the sink mounted on top of the vanity, like a bowl. Not sure, but I like the look.

I have an old (like my Grandma Martha old) jam cabinet we got out of her house before it literally fell down. I am thinking I'll paint the bead board (not green) and put hide glass in the glass part for the pretty parts of bathroom-ese stuff.

Bath towels will have these fabrics as trim (bias trim on inexpensive Target/Walmart/Kmart towels) and put in a Chinese laundry basket. A real one we found in the opium tunnels. (Which sound way cooler than they physically are. That opium must be pretty great stuff to persuade ANYONE to go down into the tunnels, even when they were new.)

So can you SEE it?
This bath is off the lobby but connects with the guest bedroom/sewing room....which is a whole nother post for a whole nother day. The greens in the lobby and bathroom make them fit together.

But I just have a real need to get ONE ROOM DONE...and since this is the smallest one, I thought I'd start with little bites. Plus, all the big stuff is finished, so we're only talking about maybe 2 days of somebody else doing the parts I don't want to do.


Novel said...

I love green and this sounds restful but delicious. When you finish and post photographs, it will be well worth looking at them.
Do painkillers turn off the tap in your head?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a HUGE amount of work. But you always WERE creative.

Paulie said...

I can hardly wait to see it . . . one day!