Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday at the beach

We did all the little housekeeping chores this morning while breakfast was cooking, so it is all clean for our next visit. (Hoping for next week). The weather is really pretty...sunny and bright with just a little breeze. I'm sitting out on the patio, BAREFOOT, eating apricot pie and knitting.

Later, we'll take a nap (I am officially old, I guess) and then empty out the fridge. The freezer is wonky, so I am going to let it defrost and the switch it out with the one at the shopyard. The guys only use that one for sodas, so it should work out just dandy.

I am reading A Deeper Sleep by Dana Stabenow, one of the Kate Shugak series, which I just love. Dana just cannot put a foot wrong (like Dick Francis); you can always count on a tightly written mystery that doesn't have massive holes in it.

I love me a Danielle Steele (the equivalent of marshmallows and melted Hersey bar bits) for a non thinking read. I'm glad she has the recipe and has managed to work it so well---and I like reading about a world where the women don;t have unshaven legs, money problems, cold sores or ugly shoes.
The one book she wrote about her son, Nick, made me a fan for life, simply because it is HARD to parent a child with problems.
Shoot, it is hard to parent any child, money or not. But Danielle has done her best, which is waaay more than Brittney Spears has managed, even with all of her money. So Danielle has my respect, even if she has a lot of money---because children are hard.

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Paulie said...

Sounds like a nice weekend.