Saturday, January 05, 2008

Just a note for my friends

I DO read your comments and I have tried to respond but evidently there is some little tic in my head that is keeping me from doing so. I so appreciate you and as soon as I get this 404 fixed, I will be back to posting like a regular person, instead of whining.

I mihgt even post in English, lol.

Boy-o is coming over today to post photos of the Grand Canyon trip.


Novel said...

Hire me as your secretary. I'll start packing now! You can tell me what you WANT to say ;o)

Stay strong, Chloe. Pats on the back for Boy-o. Hope all is easy on all of you.

Paulie said...

Thanks for your email but it wasn't necessary. . . Ü

Look forward to seeing the Grand canyon photos. Thanks Boy-O for me.


Life said...

Thinking of you!!