Sunday, January 20, 2008

My long weekend (spelling fixed)

I brought a big basket of mending and managed to get it all done. My usually meticulous stitches. (Not the same ones I was trying to do the other night, I can tell you. Those were done by a big dog who lacked an opposing thumb. Terrible job and no color sense.) But everything is all ship shape, now.
Reading I don't know what. A book from the pile I keep know, just in case I finish the REAL book I read at night or the REAL book I drag around in my handbag. If I finisihed and didn;t have something to read....well, then there I would be, stuck with my own thoughts. Not a good place to be.

Knitting Lisi's cat hair afghan. I still don't like the color (chocolate milk) OR the alpaca. But I want to get it done whist I can still knit. And I might be able to knit circles around every one, once I get my head fixed.

Not to brag, but I used to knit like a fiend when the kids were little. They had more hand knitted sweaters than sweatshirts. We were always buying yarn...crazy, whack yarn and knocking out crazy whack whatever they saw can you make this mommy sweaters. And I didn't have enough sense to even know it was hard. Sketch out the sweater, take a few measurements...heck, sometimes, I would just have them lie down on the floor and make a sketch.
You want a big fish and bubbles? Gotcha,
A dinosaur? Big Bird? You bet.
A sweater that looks like a cow? Sure.
A sweater that starts in the middle and spirals around. No problem.
Ruffles? Buttonholes? Steeking? Turned up, tidy hems? Okie Dokie.

No idea that there were rules to follow or that this was hard stuff. I was the Debbie Bliss of the Tot Lot park, where I spent most of my time.

Not like now. That person was somebody else. She might come back, at which point the knitting world had just better watch out. There just may not be enough fiber for me and the rest of you all.

I'm serious.

I'm going out on the boat tomorrow, to knit, get some sun and watch the birdwatchers. All the different birds are nesting because now is when there are lots of bugs and little fishies to eat. The water at the Marina is just cluttered with all kinds of critters.

Next weekend, we're bringing Ben so he can shoot and fly his airplane. Next week, I'm pruning my Princess Diana rose bushes and taking them into the prison to propagate. (It's a 50-50 split).
I have the front garden that serpentines around the front of the house. I'm putting my 5 million bulbs in (they have been sitting on top of the dirt, getting chilled), rooting pothos (green and NOT ivy) and ordered my baby blanket roses as ground cover. With a little night blooming jasmine for the smell. Honeysuckle on the fence. (This is all not much harder than a dog burying a bone. If it was more complicated, i wouldn;t do it.)

The hill...well, I'm putting Mermaid roses on the fence at the top of the hill and planting the rest of it with lavender. I found some really pretty stuff that looks almost like fat sticks of chennile sticks. It grows at the zoo in Fresno, so it should grow just fine here. Yellow and purple and gray green. Sounds pretty, doesn't it?

I have a load of sand to put into one of my garden boxes for my asparagus. Rhubarb on the fence with hollyhocks and morning glory. Lettuce. Herbs. I'm putting two kinds of grapes on my old clothes line...the vines will crawl on the old wires and provide shade for my potting bench.

I threw out grass seed so that it will have to be mowed, but since the old fence is coming down, that won't be much of a problem.

And this is not time intensive. Just something to do. Actually, it is something to do to get out of cleaning the house.

When we move to the hotel. I'll have some plants in pots on the veranda. I have a little garden over here at the beach (one of those 20 minutes worth of weeding when you feel like it gardens), so I can get into the dirt at least a little. I think we are going to add on a deck and then screen it and then window it in and then knock out an interior wall to open the whole place up. There isn't enough room here for me to sew. And if we have company over, it is wall to wall people. I want to put some sleeper sofas in there. And one of those Japanese soaking tubs. Just outside in par boiling water, watch the moon and the stars and the waves roll in. Have to figure out how I want it to look because the patio part will be lost and the soaking tub will be where the little gardening shed is now. The gardening shed will be on the 'tother side of the electical meter.

Two years. I have to sell the big house first.

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Sounds like some ambitious plans.