Sunday, March 25, 2007

I have to clean the office

Oh, I HATE housekeeping. The office has turned into this huge junk room and really, I could probably toss everything in the rubbish bin and not miss any of it. however, pack rat that I am, I have to dig thru every bit of it, file it and tend to it.

I do have bits of quiting fabric that my schzioprenic self bought and I am not a quilter. I don't LIKE quilting. So all of those bits? Marji has a box of bits in her future.

I have a ton of things that really just needs to be tossed; then a ton of things that need to be files and sent over to the office. Business stuff. Tax stuff. Crazy making stuff.

I just want to get my office back in order so that I can sew in there. I want to ziplock my yarn and laces on the shelves so that the mice can;t get to them. We have mice problems in the winter...every winter...unless I make sure that everything is vermin tight, the poison is out, the traps are set and every hole is stuffed with steel wool. It is a never ending battle. So far, I'm winning.

Dragged the fridge out today and cleaned under it. Ick. I have the washer and dryer to drag out this week and expect the same kind of ick. It takes the better part of an entire afternoon....hoovering the loose dust and then spraying the ick down, wiping it up, spraying the ick and wiping it up. If the house didn;t get cleaned the whole place would look like that.

I have to get all of the baseboards washed down, too. Nothing to it, if you don;t mind crawling around on your hands and knees for about 4,000 lineal feet, dragging a bucket behind you.

I am almost finished with Julie's baby sweater. I have the back ond one sleeve to do. I am always much slower than I think I am, though. But you know what I say....for me, knitting is all about the Zen. I am not in a race with anyone. Good thing, since I would never win!

The best blog ever

Thoughtful and funny and spot on about raising children...and worrying about what if your best isn't near good enough and what about other people? Will they be kind to your offspring because all offf spring need to be treated with kindness or will they be as jerky to children as they are to the rest of mankind?

Yarn A GO GO is sttll number one on my list, followed by TANGLED STRING but this new one is almost like reading poetry about one's own life.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I can;t spell and it is March

I recently read all of my archived posts. Holy Moly, I sure have a problem with spelling! Honest, I can spell and one of these days, I'm going to make the needed correcctions.

Now it is March and the sun is shining and I think I will go out and weed in the sunshine next week. I need to take the dogs out with me in the very large, very fenced yard to figure out which one of thim is scaring the mailman. I got a registered letter telling me that one of my dogs is simply too terrifying and if I don;t do something about him/her, I'll be a daily guest at the Post Office.

Tank weighs 80 pounds. He likes to run and bark and lay in the sun. no way can he leave my 12 foot wrought iron fence.
Matt is 19. He can;t even find the fence.
Rocket can get out. She weight 2 pounds, with hair. however, Girlies went out with duck tape and duck taped all the decorative squares on the bottom of the wrought iron fence. Rocket is too fat to get out through the round decorative holes.

Plus, they are in the house when the truck pulls up. I open the door and we all spill out, like we are on an ice rink. It's pretty funny. Dangerous? Nope. The truck roars away before we get down the bottom of the steps.