Sunday, January 06, 2008

I love the internet

I love ebay the best.
You can wander around and find something that the seller knows nothing about and the snoop around the internet to find out something about it. Usually, it will just take you back to ebay, where said seller is simply trying to get rid of stuff. So one's snooping skills must be honed.

I still mainly end up knowing nothing about what I was looking at, but it is better than football.


Anonymous said...

Waaaaaay better than football!

I got to sleep in my own bed last night. Unfortunately, it's back to work tomorrow. boo hiss

How are you doing?

Paulie said...

I don't ever go to ebay but different strokes for different folks. I agree with an exception -- ebay must be better than TV football. I like football when I can see the whole field, like being there. I never missed a college football game, even when it snowed on us and the game just kept going!