Friday, January 11, 2008

I was going to fix all of my spelling mistakes today

But then I though...well, it sort of adds to the adventure of reading my blog, since my inventive spelling makes you kind of have to think what the hekc I'm talking about.

Then I thought of all the missillions of mistakes I have made..I spent most of yesterday doing spell check on my data base. I used to be able to spell-really-and the Spell Check guy was a paen to my spelling espertise. Now, he is busy all day long tsk-tsk-tsking at me.

Work was cancelled today....probably something dangerous. They certainly don't me cluttering up the place, since I was driving by myself (never a good thing) and I was having trouble staying on the road. I usually drive with another teacher but he was sick today, so I was flying solo. These country roads are narrow, have no signs (so I am never quite sure where I am) and have either huge trees or huge firlds on one side and then (hang on to your hats) great big car-swallowing sized ditches on the other.

No problem when my brain is working right, but when I need two lanes AND both shoulders, the second to the last thing I need is a great big ditch filled with cold muddy water on I road I don;t know the name of.

Yeah. Sounds like a recipe, doesn;t it?
So I am home, parked all crooked in the driveway, since I wouldn;t figure out where the middle would be and wasn;t sure I could miss the fence.
Makes you sorta glad I'm NOT driving.


Paulie said...

Good grief! If you can't get someone to drive you in to work, don't go!!!!!!!!!!!! That sounds worse than me taking up driving on my own when I have never learned how to.

Take care!

keri said...

you drive as bad as i do.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, I love you very much; but forget the monumental task of correcting your spelling errors. That is beyond mere mortals. ^_~