Friday, July 28, 2006

Short post

Had my shoulder surgery a week ago. It REALLY hurts. I got my stitches out yesterday and am black and blue--really green and yellow by now. Highly attractive. I still can;t get real clothes on by myself; I just can't get my arm up high enough nor can I tweak it around to snap things in the back. The surgeon says I look good, though. Of course, I saw the walking wounded in his waiting room--they all looked like they had been hit by a truck. I might look good, but I think my charm button was broken at the hospital. I have my children in tears almost daily since I'm not in the mood to censor my words. I will probably win the WORST MOTHER OF THE CENTURY after this.

I am seeing a physical therapist three times a day...and HOLY MOLY, I do not understand how anyone could do that day after day. I know it is helping me, but I don;t know that I could deal with leaving my clients in tears after every visit.

It is very hot here--almost two weeks of 110 plus degree heat. It isn't cooling off at night and we are having rolling power outtages. It takes about 30 minutes for the house to heat up when the power goes out. Even the pool is hot, so that doesn't even help.

I'm still butter yellow afgan for the beach house. Despite it's VERY simple pattern (garter stitch border with a stockinette stitich body), I simply cannot manage to get the borders right. Multitudes of mistakes. I guess that adds to the handmade charm, since I'm not tinking them back.

Speaking of knitting, my best friend and I, along with our daughters (if mine is still speaking to me) will see the Yarn Harlot when she visits the Bay Area. It is a 5 hour drive, but hey! we haven't done a road trip for a long time. I hope I don't have to drag this afgan with me.