Friday, November 28, 2008

You just have to laugh when your mother turns into a three year old

When she isn't crying, she's giving orders.
She's not paying for physical therapy and she's not DOING any, either. (Yes, she is.)
She is tired, so she is going to rest. (No, she's not. There's a deck. There's a family room. She's going to be part of the damn family, if it kills Judy.)
Good luck with that.

Occupation therapy? Fine motor skills? Phooey! She reads. Turning pages is good enough. (Nope.)
She is too old to monkey with computers. (Not if Judy has her way.)
Good luck with that.

She got on a tear and tried to make me promise a bunch of I don't know what for Ben and for Mike--oh ho! I am too clever for that (been burned before). I can't make promises for other people.

I won't make promises for other people, which just makes her crazy. (She tries crying, sobbing, ugly facing me--none of it works.I am so so stubborn. This is a fight we've have a number of times in the last ten years. It is always the same. Talk to Ben/Lisi/Mike yourself. She doesn't want to because she knows they will say no. She wants to wheedle me, because she thinks I'll say yes for them and then they'll do it. Hasn't worked in ten years. Isn't going to work this weekend.)

Lisi came home last night after working second and third watch, just so she could get some sleep, see Mom and come back home, get more sleep and the go back to to work. She has started leaving clothes here, just in case she decides to stay over.

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