Sunday, November 09, 2008

Why yes, I DO believe in narcotics. Why do you ask?

The next time I do this, I am saving up drugs and making sure that she is TOTALLY medicated before the ambulance shows up. I am never putting her through this again as long as I'm alive.

Because it's nothing like you think it is.
First, she gets moved from her bed onto the gurney.
Then up into the ambulance.
Then across town.
Then out of the ambulance, into the convalescence home.
Then from the gurney into her bed.
Then she had to get rolled around for a physical examination to make sure she didn't have any bedsores.
Then she had to get weighed-and since she couldn't stand up, they had to put her into a sling--even though AT THE HOSPITAL, they could and did weigh her right in the bed and had that written down, to the ounce.

So she has been yanked around for a good 90 minutes and is crying in pain and it is another hour before they can give her anything. She has a new geriatric doctor but won't even see him until Monday--so she has a stranger on call for the weekend. (This is something else a person needs to tend to before hand.)

If I had even guessed this was the way it was going to be, I would have dug around in my handbag and started giving her whatever I carry around with me. I would have gone home and rummaged around and found something in my little arsenal.

I know I couldn't do it at the nursing home or they would throw her out, but between the hospital and the nursing home, she belonged to nobody but me.

What good is the phrase "Keep her comfortable" if the people in charge know this is coming up and let her go into it, knowing she is going to be in unbelievable pain?

I don't even do this to my dogs.


Marji said...

Do you think they do this because they "have to" or because they can?

charliwrites said...

Having worked in a nursing home many years, I know they have to do some of this. However, the timing on WHEN they have to do it is not THAT rigid by law. They COULD give her something for pain and wait an hour or so...she isn't going to develop bedsores or gain any weight in an hour! Geesh! Sorry that you are having to go through this!

PERBS said...

Hope your Mom is doing ok now.

Novel said...

Oh chloe, I am sorry - for you and your mother. How horrid! They could have given her something for the pain and then waited to do all the messing around with weighing and measuring, etc. I have seen this happen before, with my father - and it hurt me too, to see him put through such indignity and pain unnecessarily.
As you say, you'll know better next time, but they've done it loads of times before and they should have known better "this" time!
(((((((((((chloe and her mother)))))))))))