Sunday, November 23, 2008

Great Christmas Site for girlie girls

And not super expensive, either. I love the Perfumed Court. I like to try lots of scents and heres a place that has lots of them. Lots. The prices are reasonable and the shipping is quick. You get little glass vials to try out (they last for two or three wearings). If you love it, you
can order more.
It's a dandy way to find something special. Me, I like single note floral-roses, gardenia, violet and they have lots to chose from.

They have a gaggle of lots more sophisticated scents, as well...but I like something simple and sweet.

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Marji said...

I think gardenia is lovely only it instantly makes my head try to explode. My mother had a single gardenia plant at our front door in Woodville. It was a thing of beauty. And pain.

Life is so unfair.