Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The one where I make some progress on the house

  • Tupperware cupboard-everthing has a lid TaaDaa!
  • Rearranged all my casseroles in size order (I have enough to open my own soup kitchen)
  • Rearranged my dish cupboard (my everyday dishes, my Thanks giving dishes, my Christmas dishes, my blue willow dishes and my pastel dishes..I entertain a lot and go to A LOT of yard sales)
  • Rearranged all the drawers in the kitchen. There is only so many gadgets a person needs. I had too many. Now someone can go to the Salvation Army and think they have struck gold.
  • Tidied up my linen closet. Tossed out the ratty towels -sent to the shop. Saved the best of the ratty ones to cover the windscreens of the cars (we cover the cars ar night so they don't ice up.) I got new lavendar stones from here http://www.marrhaven.com/soaps.html#stones \
Tomorrow, I tackle my closet. I have more than my share of ratty clothes that need to be tossed out. You know...white shirts past thier prime. Pastel tees with soda stains. Things like that.


PERBS said...

When you get finished there, I have plenty to keep you busy! Ü

Novel said...

You are on a whirl, girl!
What are you taking and where can I get some? ;o)

Barbara said...

Thanks for mentioning us. I am with your other poster, where did all that energy and organization come from... I could use some.