Friday, November 28, 2008

Adventurers in UHaul

1. We need a 16 foot covered trailer.
2. All that is available is a SIX foot covered trailer.
3. Once again, Judy waited until the very last minute to make the arrangements and blamed it on "that little town you live in". My town is plenty big enough for me, thank you very much.

So what we are going to do is pick out what Mom has to have, put it in this little trailer and then store everything else. Won't make Mom happy, but nothing will.

I had this good idea this morning ---postpone this trip/have me move everything into a storage unit/come out next week.

That won't work because Judy has already made arrangements to borrow this RV. (If she was borrowing it from ME a week wouldn't make any difference, so she can't possibly be borrowing it from people she really knows.) Plus this RV doesn't have running water OR a working bathroom, so this should be a cheery little trip.

THEN I mentioned that we'd be out in a month and I thought she was going to have a a complete meltdown. Was I planing on staying with her? (Was she CRAZY? I wouldn't stay with her if there was a nuclear holocaust and her house was the only house that had bread, water and a working toilet.)

I stayed at her house ten years ago and if Mom wasn't living there, that would have been the last time I ever bothered to knock on her door. When Mom dies, that will be the last time I ever go to her house. When Judy dies, I bet you a bag of nickles no one calls me unless they need money.

To say that we have differing philosophies is putting it gently.

She married Felon Boy.

I not only think OJ did it, I have to boycott Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, Angelina Jolie AND Brad Pitt. God help me if I find out that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were pedophiles. I'll have to stick my fingers in my ears for the rest of my life.


Marji said...

Whether it's that little town you live in or not, Judy has power of attorney and it's HER responsibility. STOP HELPING THESE PEOPLE SCREW YOU.

Oh, and just to set the record straight, Brad and Angelina may have fallen in love while he was married, but the didn't ACT on it until he was divorced. Her father cheated on her mother and she has flat out stated she would NEVER put another women through what she saw her mother go through.

PERBS said...

I say tell your sister to drive her car out here and her hubby can drive a U Haul of the size they want from where they want to rent it --then Mom and sis can go back in the car and hubby can drive the U Haul with everything. She has the power of attorney -- let her make all the arrangements.

Maybe Judy will outlive you and you won't have to worry about attending a funeral. . .