Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mom's on her way to Utah

Judy got into town about 2, got the apartment emptied out in about 90 minutes and then got Mom checked out of the nursing home and loaded into the RV by 4. Then they were on the road again, back to Utah.

Now when Ben found that this was the plan (at noon), he called Lisi, who called her work and took the day off so she could say goodby. We had NO idea that they were going to leave today. We thought they were going to leave in the morning.

So we got her things packed up and she was able to climb up into the RV and walk down the hallway into the bedroom, although it did just knock her out. She will probably sleep most of the way home and all night long, too.

Once she gets settled, she'll be fine. It's just all this change.

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