Sunday, November 23, 2008

My new project..enroute from the Loopy Ewe with photos under control

I'm going to start this
because I have one skein of this SMOOSHY
that Marji gave me. I'm going to make a serious attempt to knit at lunch (as in TAKE a lunch. Jaqui is good at coming in and sitting down. I am not...which might explain why I am no good after 1300.)
I'm not crazy about that ooky brown. Or that pea green. And I'm picking SMOOSHY because it has the most color choices.
So here are my far. The photos are in no particular order because I can't make them behave.

Visual Purple (Really purple)
Into The Mystic (sort of a purple and blue)
Deep Sea Flower (sort of blue and teal and turquoise) Beach Fog (turquoise with orange and purple bits),
Giant Peach (peach),
Lunar Dazzle (turquoise-y with flecks of purple and green),
Pansy Go Lightly (purple-y and blue-y with green), Summer Sky (Tampa Bay blue),
Yarn A Go Go (greeny bits

This is an Elizabeth Zimmerman "Baby Surprise" Jacket and I might use it for this Smooshy collection. I love the origami way the pattern works out and I love working a Zimmerman pattern. It is always just so clever. It's not like I don't have

plenty of yarn. This one is the surprise before it is seamed up. Looks like a mess of knitting, doesn"t it? I love the little mitered corners and I think it would look realy nice with all the Smooshy colors, especially once I ruled out that ooky gold and icky green.


Novel said...

Oh, spooooooky. Deja vu!

Marji said...

Marji gave it to you because it was NOT brown and NOT alpaca, if you recall!

Chloe said...

Marji knows what I like. Not brown and not alpaca is very high on my list.