Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The one about the dogs

Yes, I am Tank.
I can do anything she says I can.
I am King.
Cock of the walk, except she had them whacked off and left me with a micro chip.

Rocket and Full Metal Jacket got their shots today.

Jacket is scheduled to "get fixed", get his microchip and tattoo next week.

Rocket has a dental appointment, too. (Teeth cleaning! No dog in my life has every had a dental appointment.

I must be getting old and senile.) She has a heart murmur. She weighs ALMOST 3 pounds.That little jaunt was almost $400. I pre-paid all the other stuff so Lisi could do the drop-off and pick ups next week when I'm at work. Easier
that way.

(Tank still lives with me until Ben can afford the final 2 sides of the fence around his house. The people next door have pit bulls. In our law enforcement experience, only people on parole or hoping to be on parole have pit bulls.)

In case you haven't stumbled onto Tana French yet, do. I'm in the middle of The Likeness and I read In the Woods and I'm liking them both. Nice and dark and interesting. Good reads, both.

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PERBS said...

I thought Rocket went to live with your son. . .