Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Birthday, Boy-o!

We finished the first season of RESCUE ME and then Girlie drove over to pick him up...they were going to the early movie. He came over to visit, since they had, oh, NINETY MINUTES and when she said she was coming back with KFC, he said he was having lunch here.

Then he rented HEROES, which I never even started....and he's come over tomorrow to give us the rest of our fix. Not all, mind you, since the first season has 26 hours and I think we can cram in MAYBE 5.

I have an appointment with my cudandera, who is sort of a Mexican witchdoctor kind of massage therapist/chiropractor/bone crusher kind of healer. I'm trying him out for my migraines. I am pretending that the migraines are independent of ME. I am sick of defining myself via these headaches. They have just too much power over my life, so I am done with talking abut them. There is only so much whining even I can stand to listen to.

So today, I listed 14 16mm movies and tomorrow, I am going to list a bunch other other junk. There is just only so much stuff I can keep dusting here!

I have also decided that if Neanderthals could figure out HOW to knit, I certainly figure out how to knit again. And that is that with that. There is a navy blue baby sweater in my future. His name is Jack Ranier and the little rainbow strips just aren't right. Trust me. Totally wrong.


Novel said...

Baa, humbug! to the headache.
Three cheers for the resumption of knitting.
Good luck with the selling (EBay?).

Paulie said...

Good to see you writing more often in your blog. I have several new entries up also in spite of being busy. Drop by.