Thursday, September 06, 2007

Visit to mi cudendero

I went to my cudendero, who is trained in hueseros and sabaderos...sort of a holistic massage therapist/chiropractor. I really feel much better. Now, while I HAVE gone to a bruja blanca at a botanica when my children were little, this guy is not a bruja.

He just gave me a deep muscle massage and managed to get my hips level, my jaw fixed (TMJ) and yanked my head around. I feel so much better....and I got an unexpected shot today.

Dr. Migraine explained to me that my headaches are so severe (wow! what a surprise!!) that the pain scale doesn't work for me. He took my pain assessment and is going to do an overlay to see if he (well, probably someone who works there who knows how to program this) can see how the blood pressure (which is the only thing I am personally worried about) correlates with how bad I hurt. And a 1-10 scale falls far short of my own personal headaches.

However, I am sure that either Dr. Migraine or mi cudendero or a combination of the two can fix me. I have a LOT of things planned and a stroke isn't one of them.

On the up side, the kitchen cupboards have all be scrubbed and reorganized (Boy-o's doing). The whole house has bee vacuumed and dusted. I have bookcase almost is a LOT more involved that I thought it was...I have LOT of books! Even by bagging up my 'not best" books...I want to keep them but they just fall short of my display books, I have a ton.

And I still have the office.....and the tax paperwork....and my closet.....all for another day.

I have a cross stitch for a new baby for a dear friend to finish this weekend at the beach. Sitting on the patio with the humming birds and the ocean...can it get any better?

Those trees are on the edge of the golf course and is where we can see the fog creeping up to our end of town. The Rock is just a never ending panorama...the sky is a thousand shades of blue every day.

And the hummers are no end of entertainment.


Novel said...

What a stunning view!
Very glad you feel better. Long may that continue.

Paulie said...

Sounds like you are doing MUCH better. Enjoyed your photos a lot!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on and just admit it. A Curandera is a witch doctor. But they know what they're doing many times when those Harvard-trained guys don't!

Chloe said...

Nope he is NOT a brujo. But I am desperate. And I can;t type.