Friday, September 07, 2007

Morro Bay

I downloaded photos today...the horses and the birds are from today. Truly, it is almost impossible to take a bad photo here. The morning fog softens all the hard edges and every sunset is different. The marina one is taken from the spit, across from the boat. And of course, since this is a bird sanctuary, there are no end of bird photos...having a digital camera makes it so easy to delete the (many) bad ones!

I know how lucky I am--a boat and my teeny beach house with such wonderful views. The Central Coast is by no stretch of the imagination the Caribbean or the Gulf or Baja, but it has it's own lure...mainly the weather is always better here than at home.

It is so much more mild and beach-y than the weather at home-which hits 113-117 in a heartbeat. Unless you water A LOT, everything turns brown.

Now, brown is not is just hot and dried up looking up close. Far away, like on the hills, it is actually quite lovely and looks like a wheat colored velveteen, stretching for miles on the undulating hills. But in real life, it is hot, itchy and weedy!

Next week, we are going to the air show in Paso and I'm taking the very end part of my cross stitch..super simple gift for a new baby (for a dear friend). And a fold out chair. I haven't been to an air show since I discovered I was pregnant with Girlie.

I really love cross stitch, almost as much as knitting. My friend Inky is going to help me with my knitzheimer's issues. I haven't given up...not quite. I'm going to start on Zimmerman's Baby Surprise to start with. Here is a photo of said project I swiped off the is all garter stitch, with just a teeny bit of seaming for Jack Ranier. I'm thinking some kind of variegated green or blue. since just plain blue or green won;t show off the unique pattern. For his sister, I did a soft as a cloud pale green, for her middle name, Sequoia. I wanted to do something that reminded me of early spring in the mountains and was quite happy with the outcome. Jack, however, had a rainbow striped sweater waiting for him that was wrong, wrong, all wrong for him. So the Baby Surprise. Cross your fingers that I'm smart enough to do it!


Paulie said...

WOW! Nice post about many different things. I love to do counted cross stitch and oen day I will get back into it. I made so many beautiful pieces that I gave away. Even designed a few myself.

I guess I will just have to set time aside to do it or I will never get back to it. Glad you are feeling ok to do it. Envious of you at the beach!

Anonymous said...

How completely sad that you have to leave the bliss that is the Valley and spend your time at the Central Coast.


Laura said...

I haven't been to Morrow Bay for ages. Went to dinner at Hoppy's (sp?) with a group of friends to celebrate a couple birthdays. Made a weekend out of it, since we all live in Orange Co. Love, love, love the fog there, the big rock, the cool beach... It's a lovely little town. You *are* lucky to live there.