Friday, August 31, 2007

My MRI and my students (both bad bad very bad)

I've had MRI's before...and never had a problem. All I can say about the one I had yesterday is that I will never ever get another without major sedation. It was just like having a really bad headache, being locked in a metal trashcan and giving an entire preschool hammers.

I have had a busy 23 days of school In 23 days, I have had EIGHTY FIVE students come and go.

THEREFORE, I have had to talk way more than I want to about not swearing in class. Yeah, I know it's prison but NOT IN MY CLASSROOM. I have explained, asked nicely, gotten right in their faces....and today, I had to stop class three times and RAISE MY VOICE.

In 30 some years of teaching, I can count on one hand how many times I have ever had to raise my voice. I told them that the next fella who played fast and loose with bad language/cursing/cussing/swearing or profanity would get the entire class capped. (That is when they are confined to quarters).

Sure enough....I had five guys who just could not resist telling me what I could do with myself. I called my boss....he was out. I called the other three supervisors..all out. Called the captain and left a voice mail and then asked my officer what I should do. THROW THEM OUT. So I did.

That means there are ten long hot days with no phone calls, no tv, no canteen....and four of the smart mouths....they won't be getting out on parole next week. They have a little more time to serve. And while that is really too bad, their best thinking got them INTO prison. And their choices today? Well, I hope that telling me off was worth an extra 10 days tacked onto their sentences.


Anonymous said...

And I thought MY week had been hell. You have taken it to the professional level!

Lynn said...

Good for you, for RAISING YOUR VOICE for truth and righteousness. Maybe one out of the five will do a little thinking while he's sitting and waiting for the 10 days to be up?

I hope that next week is much, much better!

Paulie said...

Your post reminded me of the book. . . Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day. Sounds like things can only get better. . . when you have hit the bottom, it's all looking up from now on! Ü

Thanks for the link on Tnet. I can't post today -- some glitch at Tnet I imagine.