Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Early Morning here

Darling couldn't sleep, so we have been up for hours. Both little dogs need to be clipped, so I hauled out the scissors to attack the worst bits. They now look as if I held them in the garbage disposal in a fit of pique. Rocket will go in in a week or two once the rawness of the raggedy cut grows out. Matt...well, we'll see. He hates getting his hair cut and the whimpering and howling (ooooooo00000) would really get on my nerves. Maybe I can give him a doggie tranq so he won;t mind it so much. They both look like they have joined the Marines.

I am vacuuming with my Dyson today, upstairs and down. It is so efficient that while it doesn't put hoovering in to the fun category is certainly amusing. Nothing like dumping the dirt from the floor into the trash to make you feel as if you HAVE DONE SOMETHING.

I did the OCD-tiny-bit-anal cleaning of the downstairs yesterday....vacuum, sweep, vacuum, mop, vacuum and the mop again with a totally different mop and boiling water. The bathroom even got doused with boiling water and all rampant cooties are dead.

Boy-o is coming over tomorrow to clean and tidy up my kitchen cupboards, since I am of the close your eyes and put it away ilk. He will take everything out, wipe off the shelves and then tidily stack it all up. Every time he does this, he tells me that when he is into his own little house, he is raiding my cookware, since 8 little soup pots are too many for one person who doesn't cook. He might be right.

Lunch out with my friend Val at Panera' I have to get going...finish the dogs and take photos, since the fun of blogging is looking at the photos of other people's lives.

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Paulie said...

Good to see you posting MORE nowadays. . . and look forward to yoru photos!