Thursday, September 20, 2007

Okay..running is not for me

Gravity is so not my friend. I haven't done all those push ups so that I can jog everything the running is totally out. I did the stair climber last night and this morning (I am focused when it comes to my vanity) and then climbed the teirs at lunch. Nothing like trotting up and down metal steps to make lunch look like too much trouble.

I'm taking my bike to the coast and plan to bike to the grocery store, down to the Marina and over to friends. We live on a hill over by the golf course, so at least half of the trip will be uphill. Of course, the other half will be me careening wildly down the hills. When I first started teaching, back when Mick Jagger was young, I rode my bike to work until it snowed. I don;t remember it being a big huge deal. I lived in a fifth floor walkup, too...and I remember trotting up and down those stairs to visit friends all the time....and I bet I can do it again.

You know what they say; we can have it all, just not at the same time. Well, I REFUSE to trun into a dumpy little old lady. And forget about me thinking I'm middle aged....I passed that day a long time ago, unless I am going to live until I am 150. See that back? That's gonna be MY back. (Poor little thing proably only has enough energy to sit in that little ribbon thing, lol)

I wore my favorite capris today..the ones that make me feel like Audry Hepburn. Unfortunately the pharmacy now has security camera where you can watch yourself? These are going straight into the trash. Why I thought they were so cute, I do not know. I DO have a mirror in my room...I guess I just am looking at myself selectively and only seeing the selective parts I like!!

So envision the sweater in cashmere (I'm almost done with it..I didn't knit it; got the knitted fabric at Sawyer Brooke and am doing the handwork on it now...easy peasy pattern. I couldn't find one I really liked, so I sort of made it up, using one of my gardening sweaters for the pattern. Sorta.) It is longer and the tank is shorter...and the jeans are actually tailored pants...BUT LOOK AT THOSE SHOES! Aren't they the cutest? These are not walking around shoes. They are barely even walk into a meeting shoes but gosh! aren't they the cutest? They are more like toss them off at the door shoes, in my opinion. I'm treating myself to shoes and pocketbooks as I drag myself back to unfrumpyland.

I think I'll get a tattoo when I get my ass back where it belongs.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of tattoo? One of my former students got a drop-dead phoenix all down her side. Now, how she did that without laughing so hard that the lines aren't straight, I don't know. Of course, she's 18 and toned, but it is pretty.