Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baby surprises

I ordered yarn for this Baby Surprise for Ruthie's baby...and the video, too. I KNOW I can figure this out. I had made a different little sweater (my cuff to cuff one) in a variegated stripe...cute but so, so wrong for rugged little Jack. So this "Ranier Mountaintop" will have to fit a bigger-than-newborn baby...because my speed leaves something to be desired!

I'm working on a baby sampler for my friend Cher...she is expecting her first girly grandbaby and is over the moon. I am almost done...had to rip part of it out because I didn't like the "I" in Iliana. Picky, I know. But this is the one and only Iliana, so it has to be right.

I did manage to finish the baby seat cover for MY new grandbaby, Davis. So of course, I had to find a book to send to Brandon, so he wouldn't feel left out. Boy-o gave to book a once over and approved--I guess I can still pick out okay books for little boys!

Our contract has not been ratified yet and it looks like we're going to get another two weeks of "surprise!" days off. The only downside is that we only get a three day lead time; too short to plan to go anywhere.

We want to go to Florida for the time we have at Christmas..not Christmas Day, but during that two weeks, for my birthday. I'd like to go out in the kayak in the Everglades, since that is about the only thing I can do right now. Dr. Migraine told me yesterday that I am grounded from diving until he gets my head fixed. I guess he doesn;t want me to have a stroke at 90 feet. Given a little thought (after all the swearing), I agree with him. Grudgingly.
I gave it up for my shoulder for an entire year and had really thought I would be AT LEAST doing weekend dives in Catalina. Instead, I am stuck on the deck with my knitting. Okay, but not what I had planned.

Two training sessions planned for me; well, maybe. A week in Sac City (too long, too much sitting and too lonely) for curricula writing...exactly as boring as it sounds. A week in Pismo (again, too long, too much sitting and too lonely). There are more that look promising...Bakersfield for a week.and another at Delaney in San Francisco (the Fairmont) and a week in Monterey (I hope I get that one. I love the hotel they put us up at...and I love eating out every night....EVEN by myself. The balcony looks out over an cemetery where a herd of deer in the morning, I can sit out in my robe, sip my coffee and watch the deer and the humming birds.) Lucky for me, I have friends in all these places, so I can look forward getting together with someone besides Munch and Eliot.

Right now, we are signing up for every kind of training possible--the window is open and the money is available. Of course, it sort of depends on when the DOE GETS the applications. We are all in competition with all of the other institutions and all the other teachers....and I know that new teachers need a shot at training more than I do. I just need to get away. As much as my students entertain me, I do get really tired of the amount of cajoling I have to do. They are as demanding as feral kinders.

Well, that is it for me tonight. Back to my cross stitch. Tomorrow, I have to fix a program on my computer. It is either corrupted or has two teeny bugs and I got an email from HQ with a big fit. I don't know why they bother. Just make up something. It's not like it's going to make any difference.

Oh, I'm chairing a WASC committee. It is a big professional deal. It is really a thankless projects, consisting of addressing pointy-eared blow hards...but it gets me out of the classroom. It is a thousand hour project and I get to travel...ON A PLANE. They are serious about accreditation and I have to go to the Feds in San Diego. I love going to the Feds; they have great meetings, cool stuff to take home and sweatshirts. I want one that says Federal Agent or Forensics. Shoot, I want to wear the FBI one on the plane.


Paulie said...

WOW! You are going to be busy. . . can you take yoru knitting along for the boring ones?

Anonymous said...

EZ has another cute cute cute baby sweater, but it is very inappropriate for little Jack. It is her February baby sweater and it looks like this: