Sunday, September 23, 2007

It wasn't all about headaches

I actually did get out and about this weekend! I usually just hermit, knit, cook. We met friends out at the Marina and had dinner on Friday night, as a storm was blowing in. (First day of fall).

After all of the summer heat, it was sort of nice to see the clouds. As storms go, it wasn't much---just enough to rock the boat and make you feel all safe inside. This morning, we went out to was wet and miserable, but I managed (yay for me!!) to keep my spot (3rd) on the team. AND IT IS NOT AN OLD LADY TEAM. It is a real team. And it's not that I'm really any good, it is that I don't really care and I have no testosterone on the line. I think that helps my aim. Plus they have really good coffee. REALLY good. But that's why we want to come over to the coast to shoot. All we have in the Central Valley is dirt.

Then, because the weather was nice today, I went for a walk down from the hill, along the shoreline. (Tide was out. Lots of mud. Not overly picturesque.) Next week, though, I think I'm going to go to the tide pools and take photos. Unless the weather is really miserable. I've noticed a lot of sponges down at the dock, so I think maybe I can find some in the tide pools. I might go out in the kayak, unless it is rough..because there is a whole lot that you can't see from this side. Lots of stuff to dig around in from the water side. And yes, I do wear my life jacket, even though it looks stupid. And no, I'm not paddling OUT past the rock...I'd get blisters. I'm doing the nice little floaty, look at the birds and think my own quiet private thoughts little outing.

I did see the turkeys out on the golf course...they run wild on this side of town. We had turkey's when I was a kid...they are mean tempered, territorial, pecky and not at all entertaining up close. But across the road, they were sort of fun.

Then I spent MOST of the day trying to get my knitting to work. I'm re-learning. It is REALLY harder now but I have great hopes that it will one day just bingo! in my head. I also spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get my Palm Pilot to work. I think it will be easier to just write stuff on my hand in the long run....but I might be able to figure it out. It's the SAVING part I'm having problems with.

I need to go inside the perimeter with as little personal stuff with me as possible. That means no ID, no credit cards, no business cards, no planner, no phone numbers. Too easy for them to get lifted or lost. NOT that it has happened to me (yet). I'm doing a week (A WEEK) rotation with mental health. We do some serious program review and I'm the educator who can actually translate scores into English. So far, I can chat with the borderline psychos, sociopaths, the 1-60's and the firestarters (you don't want to know). Just by looking at their scores, I usually can tell about when they went off course. Well, at least in school. The rest of their twisted little life...I have NO idea.

Last week, I thought I was going to Pelican-canceled; then Q-canceled; then Sac-canceled. Obviously, I am a minor little player and if the big guns have something else to do, they certainly don't need me hanging around. As you can imagine, I keep a carry bag packed all the time so I at least have something to sleep in, my own soap and my favorite snackies.

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Paulie said...

Looks like you had a nice weekend!

I have been busy moving more things to my tiny apartment. I am getting very creative stacking stuff so I can keep more. lol

I hope to be finished by December!!!!!!!!!