Monday, September 24, 2007

I actually DO have legs

When I taught high school, I always wore either dresses or skirts beacause...well, because it sowas so LONG ago, we all wore skirts. When I was in college, we couldn;t even WEAR slacks on campus. WHich means if I ran to the bookstore for paper, they couldn't CHECK ME OUT. If I went to the ice cream parlor wearing slacks, they COULDN'T SERVE ME. And forget about wearing jeans. We couldn;t wear jeans on campus until the 80's. BYU. What can I say?

When I taught little kids, I always wore slacks because I was always on the floor.
Then when I went to the prison, I just always wore pants, too, because skirts were too provacative. (I work with violent perverts). But now, I'm not always in the classroom.

Sometimes I'm in front in meetings with the super duper top secret crypto Nato guys. I can wear skirts there. Sometimes, I'm doing program review or training or classification. I can wear skirts there...because I AM SICK of wearing pants everywhere.

But this weekend, I did some shopping and found THIS cutest gored skirt. Right length, modest, enough flare to cover up for those perverted peepers. But it was $395. That is three HUNDRED dollars and ninety five dollars. And it wasn;t made of anything special AND I wasn't impressed with the finishing or the hem.
So, here's the pattern. I'm going to make them my own self. Easy as pie. Really., I've made a gazillion skirts. Wore them all the time.
THEN I found this cardi/tank at a consignment shop. $12. CASHMERE AnnTaylor...$12...can you imagine? I can't even buy the yarn for that.

So I'm doing a black wool and the prettiest dark fog gray skirt, with a subtle cross hatching of grays in it...cutting them out tonight. I stopped at this great fabric store in SLO...I don't even know the name...but I can find it again! They have really lovely stuff and it is always a pleasure to work with quality fabrics.

Speaking of yarn, my quest for knitting is still on going. I can't cast on YET but I'm getting closer to figuring it out. It's two sticks and a flipping hard can it be? I figured out my PCR reports for SacCity..okay, 19 days late..but they were right at the end and they're as square as a box with four corners, right this minute. So I know I can re-learn this.

And I have a feminine gun belt to wear with this, so don't think I'm going to wreck the lines with my gear. (Ha! feminine gun belt. Sorta an oxymoron).

I'm doing program reviews all this week. These dudes are seriously scary. Scary enough to be shackled and have somewhere between 2 and six escorts. When the only prison/bad guy experience you have is CSI, L&O and The Closer, it is hard to even imagine what it is like.

Take the scariest thing they can come up with on tv? No comparison. If they made a tv series about the reality, you wouldn't believe it. I wouldn't believe it. Even Oz doesn't come close. And forget about Prison Break. Compared to reality, it is a comedy. WAY off the reality grid.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I have that skirt pattern. I'm going to make mine out of denim because I can't find a decent denim skirt that I like/can afford. And I have a stone twill jacket that I'm going to wear with it. And boots. Now if I could just get rid of these love handles!

Novel said...

Those skirts are all over the UK at the moment. They're lovely, and quite flattering for most people. It makes a real change from the odd things that have been considered acceptable over the last few years.
Hope you get that knitting thing sorted out - you without knitting is like a fish WITH a bicycle!

Paulie said...

I like the skirts too -- sorta like my balck one I bought to wear to grand-daughter's wedding. I got mine at KOHL'S and it was a nice price so I didn't have to sew!