Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas shopping in one fell swoop

We managed to go to TWO stores and get everything. Then end.

Had the car washed. Lisi is going to Santa Monica tomorrow for a law enforcement exam (tell me, who the HECK schedules tests the week before Christmas for THE ENTIRE STATE?) Wouldn;t it make sense to just send the exams to regional centers. They're a bunch of cops, for goodness sakes. If you can;t trust them, who can you trust? Or send them to a GED center. THOSE guys know how to maintain total security of test materials.

Marji gave me a baby sweater pattern than looks as if I might possibly be able to knit. I have 10 inches done and it actually LOOKS like it could be becoming something.

I printed up my lesson plans for since my class opened in August....we are being audited and my sticky notes on my daily rosters evidently won't cut it. So they are all printed and clipped and ready to just go into the folder with my name on it in the office.

And man, does my head hurt. Not ER hurt. Just regular drug myself at home hurt. I am hoping to manage to make it thru an entire 5-day week. That is all I am asking. 5 days. Then I have two weeks and hopefully a call from either UC San Francisco or Stanford. I even have a new haircut picked out.

I am in the middle of Brother Odd and was told that there were two books PREVIOUS to this one I should read. Could I find them? Don;t be silly.

But I bet they have them at Wall-the_Mart....which I cannot bear to enter, unless it would be at gunpoint. NOT that there is anything wrong with people who shop there. I just cannot bear walking 500 miles North for hot dogs, 500 miles South for hot dog buns, 700 miles East for mustard and the 2,000 miles West for the other one thing I'm looking for. THEN when I manage to get this stuff checked out, I have to have the store security guy go thru my bags and match my purchases with my receipt, which by the time I GET to the door, I have managed to misplace.

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Paulie said...

Nowadays I always get all my Christmas shopping finished in 2 stores -- I buy gift certificates at the book store and movie certificates at the theater.

I don't mind Walmart once you know which direction to go for things.

I have also been discovering that a store like Walgreens is just like the old dime stores except they don't have a soda fountain. Things don't really change, names do.