Saturday, December 01, 2007

December 1

Another wonderful weekend in Morro Bay. It is chilly (I had to wear shoes outside and I had a sweatshirt, but didn't bother to put it on.) My total set of chores included ripping out the alysium in the garden (it gets leggy and weedy looking when it is broadcast...and I never have liked it right out of the nursery in tight little balls of fluff), So I ripped all that out, amended the soil (beach dirt is not the best) and planted poppies, butter lettuce and all kinds of carrots.) I just like the way they look in the winter...which is so mild here that they'll do get fine.)

Did a little knitting and managed to actually NOT have to frog back. I even drove my own self to the Cotton Ball AND the market all by myself. This doesn't sound like a big deal but since I usually get lost here (MB is a teeny town and after spending nearly 50 years here, I still don't know my way around. The streets all look the same.)

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Paulie said...

Showing envy here especially with all the wind and rain we re having. We had snow showers Saturday but none covered the ground.