Friday, December 14, 2007

Work is good

Thought I would mention it.
Clerks are good.
Students are working.
No body is scary for now.
The biggest thing I have to harp on is them wearing their little ski caps and do rags inside the classroom. I told them they could wear them ONLY if it was raining INSIDE my classroom or I was going to ugly face them.

One guy decided he wasn't going to take a reading test (hope you like AdSeg for Christmas) and another one refused to sign his job description BECAUSE (get this) it said he had to do what I told him and HE. DOESN'T. KNOW. Me. WELL. ENOUGH. to make that knid of promise.

Dude. You are in PRISON. For 900 years. I honestly don't even want you breathing my air. Hope you enjoy Christmas in AdSeg.

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