Friday, December 14, 2007

Pict line

Talked to Dr. Spock today (yesterday, since it is the middle of the night). He is thinking maybe I need a pict line, so I can get my antibiotics, steriods and drugs jammed right into an existing port. My veins are looking a little Angelina Jolish-ish and they sometimes blow out, scaring pretty much everyone. (It doesn't hurt and it only looks scary, like a Bruce Willis movie).

So I ask how much it is going to hurt. And he says something like this "Mmmmmhmumble..large bore needle...mmmmmhmumble, lidocaine cream....mmmmumble mumble...quite safe...mmmmfmmfmumuble for a month or less....mummble long tube which point my brain is now PROCESSING this as "Noooooooo!!!! Nooooooooo! It's going to huuuuuuurt!"

What I say is, "let me think about this until next week, okay? ANd who would be doing it?" Annie, he says.

Annie does all the really scary needle-insertion things and she is very good. There's a special little room and hot blankets (which is a BIG CLUE it is going to hurt). ANd she sort of sings to herself whenever she does this, so you sort of know what is going on. It is sort of a Pooh-ish kind of song that goes like this, " Oh,nooo...that won't do at all, now will it? Let's try, oh, I don't like the looks of that one either. This one looks okay. (stick stick stick). Let's just leave that for a minute.
No you are going to feel a little pressure (LIKE A RUNAWAY TRAIN) or this is going to feel like a little pulling (IF THAT IS LITTLE< WHAT DOES A LOT FEEL LIKE)?

I had a drain line in once. Of course, I was asleep when it was put in, so all I remember was the painless pulling outedness. Did not hurt not even a little bit. Just looked VERY ODD to see miles of aquarium tubing coming out of me.

I'm still #2 on the list. Maybe if I get to #1, I can skip this part. Or I'll be asleep when this part happens.


Paulie said...

Good luck!

Demi said...

This is great info to know.

Anonymous said...

Actually kind of interesting that I found your blog. I too live on the Central Coast. I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma rectal in Oct 07. Had Rad therapy up until the end of Dec 07. And finished my last bit of Chemo (Zeloda)Therapy in Feb 08.

Its in remission now, well actually I believe Jesus as healed me.

The reason I found your site was due to your comment on the pict line. I had to have one put in also.

My port on my first load of chemo ended up getting infecting with Staph which caused me to get a staph infection of the blood which caused me too spend 2 weeks in Gosford Hospital being feed intravenous antibiotics, while going through Radiation therapy at the same time.

Hope it goes well for you I will check back later.

Anonymous said...

I should have been more specific thats Central Coast NSW Australia.