Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ripping out my little beach house

I don't mind the carpet.
I hate the windows. I hate the cheap blinds.
I don't like the front window.
I dispise the kitchen.
And I'm not crazy about the bathroom and I hate the dinky little tub.

So we are going to do a major remodel...and it will all be inside and no one will notice...just the way I lkie to do things.

First, rip up the kitchen.
I never use the stove. so out it goes. I do use different small appliances, so I want a place for them to go...and a counter top with some plugs. And I hate hate hate HATE the counter tops. They are white, flecked with gold and make me feel like white trash. Out those go. Maybe dark red Corian or dark blue. Not sure. I like my cupboards and I even like the original knotty pine paneling in the whole house. I'm not crazy obout the flooring in there but who ever looks at the floor? Not me.

Then I'm putting an oak bookcase to divide the kitchen and the living room (this is one teeny little place). The bookcase has doors that will open into the kitchen and that's where I'll store all my extra bedding (squished in one of thaose suck out the airbags ziplocks doo-hickies). Then I can have my books around me and feel like
THAT's the kitchen.

Then I'm getting rid of the cheapest-blinds-on-the planet and putting up some thermal denim tab tops on that wall. Mike is going to ripout the slider and the front window (nothing to see there anyway) and putting in bookcases, too. If we need to see what is gong on, we can look out the little portholes. Just streamline the looks in here. I'm getting a modern looking navy recliner, since no one ever comes over, there is totally no point in having a couch in here. (The only visitors we every get are the Mormon's and I can tell you right now, they are not a-setting on my furniture.) He's going to put on a TREX deck and we'll go in the back door (the hallway is plenty wide enough to get in and out)

I'm not crazy about the bedroom, but I like it best of the whole rest of the place.
Once we get the kitchen and the front room to my liking, we are ripping out the bathroom, if I have to do it myslef with a knitting needle. It is dinky, impossible to clean and in general, just icky. I'm putting in a pedestal sink with recessed medicine cabinets so everything looks tidy. Rip out that ratty shower, put in an one of those WOW showers and then put in one of those Japanese soaking tubs on the patio.

It will always just be 400 square feet but it'll be MY 400 square feet. And I can see the golfers and the boats, so what do I have to complain about? (Besides the icky kitchen and dinky bathroom).


Anonymous said...

You should get one of those showers like Hearst had with SIX shower heads. I would forego the marble, of course! Just a tad formal for the beach, doncha think?

Novel said...

Do you EVER rest?! The plans sound exciting, but oh my goodness, they make me feel exhausted just reading about them.
It will, of course, look wonderful when you've finished :o)

Paulie said...

If I had a place near the ocean, I wouldn't care how it looked since I would be at the beach most of the time anyway.