Sunday, October 07, 2007

Shooting in the morning

We wake up EARLY in the morning, which is fine by me. The day is still fresh and I haven't managed to wonk it up yet. So we bought some coffee, we over to the rock and waited until the range opened. I tried out some new arrows---Mike restrung my bow, so it is tighter and supposedly better. I could whine and say it takes a while to get used to any change but the truth is, I'm just rotten. I'm like those Chinese gunners in the Last Samurai. Totally not good. But I like it. And it is probably the least dangerous thing I do outside.

Mike got all bent out of shape when he caught me coasting down the hill here. I got the same tired story about how I was going to break my neck. It seems like every fun thing I do winds up with me getting knocked around, beat up and bruised and just a little bit hurt. Honest! It looks worse than what it felt like. But every Monday, I get a (loving) scolding from someone at work, about how I need to be more careful. I was being careful!

And I'm still grounded from diving because of my head. I know for a fact that there is not only nothing wrong, there is nothing in there, either.
Here are some photos of the wetlands and bird sanctuary we can see from the house. It is right off the back bay, where the boat is docked. Depending on the tides, the back bay shifts from being full of water to a smelly, muddy tidal flat. Although the latter state is not as picturesque as the former, it does provide an excellent cafeteria for the many sea and shore birds that make their home here.The place is just teeming with wild life...lots of birds, harbor seals, sea lions, otters, all kinds of fish and then bats and owls, deer, foxes, coyotes, raccoons. Sometimes we go out at sunset onto that little spit of ground right behind overlooks the wetlands and we can see all kinds of critters tromping around. It is kind of cool in a wilderness family kind of way.

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