Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cross stitiching and Old Folsom

I'm out of town...just a quick trip and then back again tomorrow in time for my nail appointment.

If you feed me, I can remember pretty much everything that is said in a meeting, which makes me pretty handy.
(This from ME, who can't remember what my keyset number is. On Monday, I got the digits right, but not in the right order. Outside of the big Folger-Adams key, it was useless. I had to be let in everywhere.)

So the baby sampler is my entertainment tonight.
I charted it myself (that is the odd writing in the graph paper) for what we hope to be a new arrival this weekend. I didn't bring my camera, so I'll have to shoot some updates, but this is how I plan to entertain myself on the ride home tomorrow and this weekend...three days at the beach. I plan to spend as little time with people as I can...I am totally peopled out by the end of the day. I worked on it on the ride up, also.

I really love traveling for work---as long as I don't have to go alone. It's always fun to go with people I work with and just spend some not-at-work time with them.

When Joe worked at COR4, he was the best travel companion! OMG, he'd go anywhere. Want new shoes? Let's hop in the car. Want sushi? Let's go find some. Want to go dancing? I'm your guy! And I like going with the Voccies, too. They always find something fun to do and drag me along. Literally. nock, knock, knock..wanna go? And me...shoot, I'd go to the dump if it meant I could go! If I can't take Ben or Clark, Joe or the Voccies are my tie for second choice.

Working with 99% men does have it's advantages. I always have someone to have dinner with!

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Paulie said...

I love doing counted cross stitch. I have many projects I bought int he past and never finished/started. I used to work at a counted cross stitch store at the mall. One day, I will get back to that too IF I live that long.

Have fun!