Friday, October 12, 2007

That's MISS Betty Crocker to you!

I have been so busy today....managed to get the regular cleaning done as well as stuff I never have time to get the pantry, under the kitchen sink, the pantry and the linen closet. I have all the bed linens folded tidily inside their pillow cases, with a ribbon AND a sprig of lavendar. So Martha Stewart, oui? I should take photos...but that would be a tad obsessive!

Tomorrow, I tackle the office, which is the hugest mess. It is my junk room and totally lives up to it's name. I am embarrassed to have this room in my house, it is such an untidy mess.

I've even washed ALL the curtains in the house...and the carpet guys are coming on Monday, if it doesn't rain.

And no, I'm not climbing any ladders, lol!


Novel said...

Have you considered that you might be pregnant?!
That's the only time I got as obsessive as this about cleaning :o)

Marji said...

Novel's right. You seem to be nesting! mwahahahahahahahaha!

How do you get that much done in one day?

Paulie said...

Put my house on your list -- it's tiny and I am sure you could fix it up in a couple hours!