Thursday, October 11, 2007

I went crazy on cleaning today

I'm a little compulsive about cleaning. My friend Marji says I'm a wee bit beyond compulsive; I'm Martha Stewart crazy. And it is true that I have never been able to find a cleaner to suit me. So I have this huge house to clean by myself. Just me, clorox, my Dyson and boiling water.

I vacuumed the whole house three times-there is something satisfying about dumping that canister full of dirt. It doesn't help that I have THREE inside dogs and Tank sheds enough to make a spare hound every other day. Used all of my little attachments and did all the upholstered furniture, the stairs and the part where the carpet meets the baseboards.

I can vacuum the tile in the kitchen (nuts, I know), sweep it, vac it again and then mop it. I use clorox first and then boiling water. Then I have this stuff that makes it shiny. I clean the bathrooms with boiling water, too. But it looks so nice when I'm done! I did the fridge and the microwave and the stove, too. Everything is all steamed and boiled clean.

Lisi is not as particular about the laundry as I am about the laundry; so I got all of that done, too. I'm really picky about what gets washed with what and what cycle it washes on and if it is dried on the line or what. I got all of that done AND put away, so both my kitchen table and coffee table are clear. (Major accomplishment.)

And I love to dust and polish my furniture...not often, but when I do manage to get it done, everything looks so right-with-the-world.

I even managed to get all the beds stripped AND remade on the same day.

So right now, I am sitting in a clean house with no housework looming over my head. Dinner is ready and the trash is out at the curb.

All is right with the world.


Paulie said...

Come do mine -- I am still unpacking!

Anonymous said...

Clearly, you did not go to work.