Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cleaning up the computer..o'dark thirty

Oh, my PC has been running wonky lately, so it is time to run my Spy Bot and re-align all my files, do my 35x shredding and do my reboot. It's something I can't just set and let run; I have to actually DO yes or no; evaluate all the stuff I'm shredding, look at the cookies...there are 3500 little pieces of information I have to examine, which makes this just a little less fun than cleaning the bathrooms.

Speaking of cleaning, other than the office, which is today's chore, the house is clean on the outside. If the weather is nice, I'm hosing off the porches, which are the source of a lot of the dirt that finds it's way into the house. Then there is the guest cottage and the attic....looks like a huge ebay fest to me.

Speaking of, I am going to have to paint pretty soon,just to protect the wood on this 150 year old monster. Yellow, I think this time. With dark green trim. The other houses on the block are various shades of gray, which I have never cared for. I had hoped to sell the place before I had to paint, but I dilly dallied and now it is starting to look just a tad raggedy.

I have to pump the pond this week, too... all the water (6,00 gallons of it) goes into the flowerbeds and the garden on the south side of the house. I'm hoping that the housing market swings up so that I can get, if not top dollar, within sight of good money for this place. It is big (3,000 square feet) and on a acre with a pool, trees, graps,. garden, koi pond, guest house, outdoor shower and outdoor bathroom, hot tub...really a nice place for someone with children AND NOT ME. Too much work.

All that needs to be actually done at the hotel is the kitchen so I can get my C.O. Oh, I want the floors done again with a heavier satin finish to fill in all of the little and I'm not happy with the dining room and I hate the color the lobby turned out...but other than that and the drapes, it is all good. Once I get all the furniture moved in (I have three pianos plus flotsam and jetsam) I think it will be spectacular. Nothing like this house, which is sort of farm house-y. The room at the hotel are much larger, so all the stuff has room to breathe.

I am going tothis morning for a wooden bowl for the coffee table and some harvest colored candles. The coffee table needs an update.

My big project for last night (while I was watching Season 3 of Rescue Me) was to clean out my tote and handbag. Two different things. I leave my handbag in the car; the tote I drag inside the perimeter. There are all kinds of things I just can't take inside and for some reason, they multiply inside my tote.

More later about my so-called life!

I am insane. I know many of you are nodding your heads and wondering why I didn't catch on sooner. (Marji, shut up.) I'm crazy. I'm flighty, scatterbrained, clumsy and moody. I can imagine that it's very frustrating to be around me for any length of time without being driven to drinking. Which makes me love my family all the better for sticking with my lunatic self. My husband dotes on me like I'm a princess- even when I don't go grocery shopping for weeks and he has no clean underwear. He makes my coffee, he rubs my neck; even when I go from furious to sappy to melancholy in the time it takes to blink. (He thinks coffee is the cure for all ills, It might be.)
My daughter humors me and only laugh at me when she thinks I'm not looking. She gets really mad at me and then apologizes--I do, too. It is a nice, adult relationship.

They tolerate my bizarro rambling stories and my kooky plans. I don't deserve it.


Novel said...

Dear Princess Chloe,
I dote upon thee too LOL!

Glad you are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but she also steals your cashmere sweaters before you've gotten a chance to wear them. That needs work.

Paulie said...

Sounds like you had a good day!