Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I want some of this!

I was over at january one's blog and this was her logo-is it not gorgeous? I think, in my infinite knitting wisdom. that hand dyed yarn is what I like. I'm putting mys stash on ebay, since I have such rarefied, super duper taste!

NOT that I can knit. Quite yet.
Me:knitting is like Marie Osmond: really dancing. We both have a chance. Old dogs can learn new tricks if there is a visible reward in the foreseeable future. And we LOOK like we know what we are doing. (And BTW, I loved that black dress with the lace up back. I need that dress.)

So today, I'm listing most of my stash. I have way too much yellow and I am sick of yellow. I am going to try (try) to ONLY have enough yarn for ONE project. There is enough yarn for the entire world. All the sheep aren't going to vaporized.

Sort of like my fabric stash...all to Marji. She quilts.

And my antique linen stash...I'm only keeping the really nicest stuff. Or stuff I can lemon-juice-and-sunshine bleach so I can stitch to the guest towels (which are hot glued to the towel racks..I am serious abut them being decorative only).

I did find some huge glass cannisters for bath salts to put around the jacuzzi in the hotel. Amy is going to help me "stage" the bathroom. It is black and white (once I figure out the link back, I'll edit this post). I know I want orchids (not real ones silly...I am into low/non-existent maintainence) and bath salts/oils. The end. That is as far as my own imagination takes me.

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JanuaryOne Cara said...

The yarn is Manos Uruguay. I forget the number, but if you look in my blog archives and search for the Almost Everyday Cardigan, you'll find all the specs.

Thank you for your email. I really appreciate it.