Saturday, October 06, 2007

Early morning in Morro Bay

It is DARK early in the morning here. And cold. When we got in at o'very late, we decided to sleep on the boat, so all I had to do is launch my little bobber. It was COLD in there! The sheets were cold, since the power of course, doesn't run when we're gone.

So once it got light outside, went on my little paddle...and believe me, it in NO WAY resenbles any of the many paddles Steph and Joe takes. Like my knitting, this is a ZEN experience. I'm doing it to empty my brain of the disturbing images I carry around. This is my recharging time.

I'm obviously not the only one out here, well, once it lights up a little. It's about eight miles round trip, but most of it is not doing anything except floating and drifting. I can tell real paddler's; they have blisters and calluses at the base of their fingers. Most of the people I run into out here...and there are a BUNCH...are in some kind of race with themselves. They must be training for something sweaty, because they are entirely missing out on the Zen.

No critters this morning. I think I saw the footprints in the water of seals or sea lions...they just had better sense than to surface. The water looks sort of matte and odd, sort of like the "footprint" migrating whales leave, going south.

This has just been a very taxing week...I like my life to be very organized and zipping off hither and yawn (literally! ) throws my clock off. I like getting home at x time and having dinner ready at y time. Getting home late and at odd hours just messes up my little organized life.

I think I'm not taking enough chances and I'm getting boring. Obviously time to buy some new shoes.

Later on today:
Went on a drive a took photos of what my little world looks like her on the Central Coast. One of the things I really love is driving out thru the country, thru the little farms. The dirt is so beautiful and rich and brown...if I could find that brown, I'd wear it all the time. I took photos of artichokes (end of the season), a new field of winter lettuce, napa cabbage and some other stuff.

Later on in the year, once the gourmet lettuces start to leaf out, I'll post again, It is so beuatiful to see butter lettuce, french black seed, red lettuce...all next to each other in such beautiful colors, with this dark, rich chocolate brown peat-y earth...just gorgeous. Mike never gets as tickled about the truck farms the way I do, but he'll go along with me chattering about how lovely it looks. You can take the girl off the farmland but I'm afraid that farm stuff runs right thru my DNA. When I drive to work, I go out thru the half dozen country back roads, just so I can see stuff growing. It just makes me happy in some deep-in-my-heart kind of way.

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