Monday, October 01, 2007

News from the mountain goat

It didn;t hurt yesterday, but I have crossed off "climbing rocks on the beach for the hell of it"
My rock rash is purple
My hip looks like I was hit by a car, as does my entire leg.

I don;t remember hurtling at all when I was young and beautiful!


Anonymous said...

That's because we didn't.

Novel said...

LOVE reading about your kayaking and seeing all the beautiful pics. Did you take that one of the rocks in the mist from yesterday's entry? It is truly beautiful.

Paulie said...

I feel for you. I bet you will do it again . . . after the bruises heal. You are young at heart! If I am wrong and you don't, you have all those beautiful memories before the bruises showed up.

I have a 3 inch gash from a stupid berry bush that had been cut but left along a paved trail. I didn't see it and walked on it and it grabbed my leg and dug in. The scab is gone now since it's been a month but the scar will forever be there.

I got that cut at the beginning of my Salmon Creek Trail hike. Did it stop me? NOPE! I just stopped the bleeding an continued on. It was a nice day so I was wearing capris or it might not have cut my leg at all. It was a paved trail and unexpected and besides I was using my camera when it happened while I was walking and didn't see it coming. lol Any excuse is better than none. . .

Hope you a e feeling better very soon!