Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My grandkids are coming out in a month

So I am busy washing curtains and cleaning cupboards, hosing of back porches and at least rescuing the wooden screens that last week's high winds blew off.

I know they don't care about the carpet or the floor for that matter. They just want to see us....but I'll feel better if they see us in a clean house. So Keri, it might not be much, but it'll be clean. The pool is open and the hot tube seats four.

Bring your mending---I have ours caught up. (Whenever we go see Grandma Idell and Grandpa Pierce, I catch up on all her mending and leave her with threaded needles. It's not much and I'm just sittin' around, anyway.)

I have this week off and then the weekend they are coming down starts a 2 week vacation. Random here at the prison. During the vacation, I have a visit to San Francisco to see the Migraine Clinc in Union Square (good-because Lisi and I are going to hit Britex) and a side trip to Santa Cruz to see Teacher Linda, the very suave Ray, Vincent and Olivia. I like taking my baby to visit the people she has heard be chatter about for the last 20 years.

THEN, Ben, Darling and I are going to-surprise- the Grand Canyon. We'll stay in the park and go the sunrise and sunset. It's our anniversary and Lisi has to work. I'm seeing a headache doctor in Sedona. Heck, I'd see anybody who thinks they can fix them.


keri said...

you dont have to do all the cleaning cause were coming. the kids just want to swim in the pool and ash asks me just about everyday when are we going to grandma mikes and grandma kaites house? they are excite and so am i. cant wait to see you guys, happy annivery

Paulie said...

Happy Anniversary -- and many more! Enjoy your family and trip.