Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cleaning frenzy

Cleaning for me is like somekind of shark attack. The house would be the shark over there and I would be that little bitty silly kayaker 2 miles off shore in deep water.
I was over to Nusan's house the other day and it was immaculate. Of course, no dogs or shoes in the house. And she is a full time SAHM. But it set off a frenzy here--at least THIS time I haven;t had to turn the entire house upside down, which is my favorite way to clean.
Sorta like this: and this:

and this

This morning...all the windows and all the lace curtains washed. (It is 8:26). Gravity draining the pond (good for the flowerbeds). EVEN FIXED BREAKFAST and MADE MY BED.

Leaving at 10:30 for a half day at the spa. Spent yesterday shopping shopping shopping...last time I really went shopping was in January. Lisi drove and we went looking at fabric, books and eneded up at Macy's. While she was trying on jeans, I was nabbed by a makeup consultant....and all I can say is that those 10X mirrors made me look like a hag. So I am hoping an afternoon at the spa will de-haggify me.

Monday I start Weight Watchers. I've put on some weight over the last few years (Ben,work, Mom, Lisi, Coffee Scoop) and I'd like to get it off so that I'm trim when I retire. 440 working days. Not that I'm counting.

Upstairs now to vacuum a little. Whose idea was this white rug? Whose idea was three dogs?


keri said...

jay clean the house like you do. when he is his cleaning moods the kids and i hide in the bedroom or he would clean us

Paulie said...

When would you like to come and clean mine? lol

Anonymous said...

The three dogs were your idea. I don't know about the white rugs. White rugs is stupid.